Kear commends work by BISSA

John Kear has nothing but praise for the work of BISSA and it’s members/supporters;

“The contribution made by BISSA has been marvellous, and I can’t speak highly enough of them, Paul Harrison, Kevin Nicholas and others around the club.  I know the resource limits at the club, but all my needs have been accommodated in bringing players here.  I’m still hoping to bring in players before the July 18 deadline and I’d urge all Batley fans to support BISSA as their fundraising efforts give me options in the player market.  I think Daley Williams’ departure and the reasons behind it are now well documented but I am hoping to replace him soon with help from BISSA and the more people join their efforts the better we can do in the medium to long term.”

This really goes to show that BISSA play a massive part in bringing talent to the mount and keeping it there.

John Kear was in conversation with Mark Ward on the Batley Bulldogs website (link here)


One thought on “Kear commends work by BISSA

  1. It’s so good that a coach recognises the efforts of the fans and is not afraid to come out and talk about it. Thank you John. You did a good job at Hull and you are doing a good job at my second club.

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