The AGM will be held in the Bryan Cooney Suite on Monday 12th November 2012 at 7.30pm. Any BISSA member who wishes an item to be put on the agenda must notify BISSA in writing via email here before 12noon on Monday 29th October 2012. The agenda will be posted in the Vice Presidents lounge one week prior to the meeting.

All BISSA members are invited to attend the meeting when independent audited documentation will be available.

The current committee is as follows:

Chair Colin Bottomley
Treasurer Fred Moland
Secretary Janet Virr
Committee member John Earnshaw
Committee member Kieran Smiley
Committee member Nick Sowerby
Committee member Thomas Earnshaw
Committee member Richard Goldthorpe
Committee member Rob Le-Huray
Committee member Sarah Fox

All the above are willing to stand for re-election. Any BISSA member may be nominated for the committee. All nominations (with seconder) to be received in writing at the above address before 12noon Monday 29th October 2012

Thank you for your continued support for BISSA, we look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Your attendance at the meeting will allow you to have your first drink free (bottle or soft drink).

Yours sincerely

Janet L Virr

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