Grand Derby Draw

The draw has now been completed, thank you to all those that purchased tickets. Here is the list of runners and ticket holders, all are guaranteed £10 if the horse starts the race.

Battle of Marengo – Dave Allen
Chopin – Marcus Cooper
Dawn Approach – Gill Mellor
Festive Cheer – Cath Scott
First Cornerstone – Ron Earnshaw
Flying the Flag – Leslie Royal
Galileo Rock – B Dransfield
Libertarian – G Harrison
Magician – D Lockwood
Mars – Gwen Tatchletch
Mirsaale – D Winner
Ocean Applause – Mark Bottomley
Ocovango – A Wainwright
Ruler of the World – R Selby
Trading Leather – Paul Harrison

As an extra fund raiser this year, BISSA has joined with Batley Boys RLFC to organise a Derby Draw. This is with the permission of Batley Bulldogs RLFC for which we thank them.

The Derby takes place on Saturday 1st June, and so the draw will take place in the Taproom, Commercial Street, Batley (formerly Wilton Arms) on Wednesday 29th May at 8.00pm .

This is how it works;

Each ticket which is drawn out is linked to one of the horses running in the Derby race. If that horse wins, or is placed, the ticket holder wins which ever prize they’ve drawn. The prizes are printed on the ticket and consist of;

1st – £400
2nd – £150
3rd – £75
4th – £50
Consolation prize for all runners – £10

You may have received some numbered tickets and we hope you will be able to sell these to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours (in fact as many people as possible!). Please make sure all counterfoils, money and unsold tickets are returned any BISSA Committee Member OR at any BISSA match day stall OR the club BEFORE FRIDAY 24th MAY 2013.

If you wish to have some tickets or require additional tickets, please contact a member of the BISSA Committee or at any BISSA match day stall.

We thank you for all your support to date, and hope you can help us with this latest fundraiser, as the money goes directly into the team on the field.

Let’s all play our part in taking Batley Bulldogs and Batley Boys forward!

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