BISSA Committee Member Vacancy

BISSA currently have a vacancy on the committee. If anyone fancies joining a thriving , active, forward thinking group of supporters, whose sole aim is to raise funds for the players benefit, which enables the coach to obtian higher quality personnel, plus also to retain personnel, then please contact either a BISSA committee member or via our website

It is a requirement of the constitution that ALL committee members must be BISSA members. So if you are already a member, no problem, if not, and you wish to apply , you will have to join the association. Membership starts at £5 per month.

BISSA have been very successful since their inception 7 years ago, constantly supporting the coach of the day. This has resulted in the club being able to manage their budgets ,whilst BISSA work with the coach to make sure there is as strong a team as is possible on the field. As we can see the last few years have resulted in the best times a lot of us can remember.
Come and join us , you will enjoy it.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported BISSA, either through membership, donations, Spread and Save, DVD’s, Race Nights, Dinners plus all the rest, as it can’t be done without you.

Here’s to the Play Offs.

Colin Bottomley —BISSA Chair.

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