BISSA Members

Members are defined by the rules and regulations as individuals, companies or groups who have donated to the scheme either by a regular monthly contribution or by a one off payment. Members are listed below in alphabetical order (surname).

Members correct as of 18th February 2016.

Derek Almond. ( in memory of )
William Ackroyd
Paul Appleton
John Francis Atkins
Elizabeth Benson
Nigel Benson
Mike Booker
Jean Booker
Colin Bottomley
Mark Bottomley
Dominic Bristow
Marion Brookes
Michaela Bruce
John Cresswell
Roger Denton
John Earnshaw
Thomas Earnshaw
Peter Earnshaw
Irene Fletcher
Neil Fox
Trevor Frank
Michael Gillion
Ian Godfrey
Michael Gothard
Graham Greaves
Rodney Greaves
Philip Haley
Raymond Hardwick
Andrew Harkin
Cathleen Hinchliffe
David Hopkin
Barrie Howgate
M. Kerr-Sheard
James & Rita Ledger
Robert Le Huray
Will Linley
Helen Kerr
Dave King
Barry Lee
Chris Maguire
Sarah McGenn
J.P McLoughlin
Fred Moland
David Myers
Mr and Mrs Nicholson
Graham Oldroyd
Terry Overend
Simon Parkinson
Emma Ramskill
Peter Rawnsley
Chris Rowley
Frank Riley (NZ)
Michael Rush
Susan Rush
Richard Selby
Anthony Sinclair
Kieran Smiley
Ian Smith
Nick Sowerby
Patrick Sowerby
Judith Thomas
Michael Underhill
Peter Underhill
Derek Ventress
Janet Virr
John Virr
Alan Wainwright
Adrian Wales
Bert Wales
Iris Wales
Nigel Warburton
Malcolm Westerby
Mark Wharton
Kevin White
Gwen Whiteley
David Wood